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Fad Diets – Nutrition Series 5

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Michelle Eckler, MS, RDN, CDN, CNSC, registered dietitian with St. Peter’s Health Partners, breaks down the most popular fad diets including keto, gluten-free, and Mediterranean diets. Michelle also shares tips on how to spot false weight loss claims.
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Galit Goldfarb begins with her own story — becoming bulimic as a teen, and determining to learn all she could about science and nutrition in college, and yet still not achieving health. She studied medical science, opening a clinic after her return. But everyone she treated felt better only in the short-term. She was also diagnosed with cancer. She began to learn all about human health, reading from all the scientific fields until she was able to understand the answer: the guerilla diet (food choices that fight back against everything she had learned!). Goldfarb takes us through ancient human history, demonstrating evidence of the earliest humans’ health and diet (living into their 70s and eating plants, nuts, fruits, and legumes) and how humans moved shortsightedly away from that diet. Cancer free (without radiation), her final argument is simple — while an “omnivore” diet may in the short term taste better, in the long term, it is unhealthy, not only for us but for our planet.

Galit Goldfarb has worked within the health field for over 22 years. While working in different research laboratories and with many private clients, Galit has written eight books in the fields of health and personal development, including #1 International Bestseller “The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program” based on her in-depth research into the ideal diet for humans. Galit is a Professional member of the American Nutrition Association, and the American Society for Nutrition, and holds a BSc (honours) in Biochemistry and Nutrition, an MSc in Medical Science with Distinction, and studied Immunology for a Post Graduate Certificate. Galit is currently doing her PhD in Nutrition. Galit offers workshops, speaking engagements, online programs and coaching to help people achieve optimal health.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits | Lecturio Nursing

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In this video “Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits” you will learn about:
►the benefits of adequate nutrition and the positive effects this has throughout the body.
►The Benefits of performing a Nutritional Screening, and review what a nutritional screening entails
►the different types of nutrition: Oral, Tube Feeding, Supplements, Tube Feedings, IV Fluids, TPN
►the different specialty diets and what makes them unique: Renal Diet, Diabetic Diet, Low Sodium Diet, High Caloric Diet, High Protein Diet
►the different Diet Consistencies : Liquid Diet, Surgical soft Diet, Mixed Consistency Diet, Ground Food Diet, Chopped Food Diet, Regular Diet.
►the different types of Diets such as NPO, Clear Liquid Diet, Full Liquid Diet, and Soft Diet and who they are best indicated for

00:00 Considerations when evaluation nutrition
00:30 What are the Benefits for the Body of having good nutrition?
01:57 What is Nutritional Screening?
02:32 What are the different types of Nutrition?
04:23 A review of Specialty Diets: Renal diet, diabetic diet, etc.
05:00 Diets with Specific Consistencies: liquid, surgical soft, etc.
05:39 What does NPO Mean?
06:02 What is a Clear Liquid Diet, and who benefits from it?
06:20 What is a Full Liquid Diet, and who is it indicated for?
06:57 What is a Soft Diet, and who is it indicated for?
07:21 What is a Pureed Diet, and who is it indicated for?

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► THE PROF: Samantha Rhea MSN, RN has been a nurse since 2008 and a nursing faculty teacher since 2012. She has been recognized for clinical excellence as an interventional cardiology nurse and also led a Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center. Ms. Rhea is an award-winning expert in clinical teaching and continues to maintain a current clinical practice and teaches at a University nursing program.

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