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Is it possible to conceive after Ovarian Cyst removal? – Dr. Suhasini Inamdar

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Is it possible to conceive after Ovarian Cyst removal? - Dr. Suhasini Inamdar

Ladies who have undergone ovarian cystectomy always have a question will i become pregnant, it is very easy for the women to become pregnant after ovarian cyst, because we just remove the cyst and preserve the ovaries. so ovaries are functioning and she as good as any other lady with two ovaries. Yes she should plan pregnancy whenever she wants to if it is a simple cyst and does not have a problem while removing it like there are no adations and it is not a very huge infected cyst. But if a lady has undergone cyst of endometrioma which is endiometriosis of ovary then she should conceive as early as possible. The treatment modalysis to keep endometrioma in control is pregnancy where in she does’nt ovulate then endometrioma does’nt reoccur. The time frame for endometrioma is pregnancy as early as possible. Otherwise the couple can plan and get pregnant. After the removal of cyst it is not at all difficult to become pregnant because the ovary is not removed it is the cyst wall which is removed. The ovaries are still intact and functioning.
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a blogger Jamaima went to the hospital and told that she had a cyst, scared as she was, she wanted to know what causes them, whether it can be cured and whether she can conceive with a cyst. In this video Dr UTHUMAN explains what a cyst is, causes of ovarian cysts, signs and symptoms, treatment and complications. Do they need medicines or surgery, all this was covered in this edutaining video