Rabbits are adorable but they require constant care, commitment and resources. Learn how you can provide a comfortable and caring home for your pet rabbit in this video!

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Pet Care - After Mating | Meeting | Female Dog | Puppy Diet Plan - Bhola Shola | Harwinder Singh

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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is a director of Bhola Shola Pet Services and Farm Private Limited. In his videos, you can get deep knowledge about pets in the Hindi Language. He also tells most of the hidden aspects of Dog Business and Pets Business.

Pregnancy, also called the gestation period, normally ranges from 58 to 65 days with an average of 63 days. With a planned breeding, the date of mating should be carefully recorded. If there are two matings, make a note of the exact dates and expect birth to occur between 63 and 65 days later.

Make sure that she does not have the opportunity to mate with any other dogs. Remember that oestrus will continue for several more days and she could theoretically become pregnant from another dog during this period. After a planned mating it is a good idea to allow her to rest quietly for a few hours.

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