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Keeping Pet Doves | Doves as Pets | Pet Care

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How To Keep Doves – All You NEED To Know about doves as pets.
Learn about how to select a healthy bird, dove diets and food, housing and bonding with your pet dove.

If you keep doves as pets, let me know any more of your top tips in the comment section below! Share your knowledge!

Remember – pets are for life. Please be responsible and research before you adopt or buy any animals.

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How To Look After Hamsters, Rats and Gerbils.The Pet Care Show with Clare Balding | PETS AT HOME

Welcoming a hamster, rat or gerbil to the family? We’re covering everything from what you should have in a rat cage, to whether gerbils can live alone. So tune in as Clare Balding puts your pet care questions to our family of expert vets, groomers and pet care advisors.
Pets at Home. We’re better with pets.

0:00 Hamster care
1:27 Where do hamsters live & how big should a hamster cage be
2:37 What do hamsters eat
6:33 Gerbil care
8:26 What can gerbils eat
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Essential Ingredients for Homemade Dog Food

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Dr Jones’ Free Dog Health and Nutrition Webinar

If you are making your dog’s food at home, ensure that you add these ingredients to have a balanced and healthy Dog Food Recipe.

KEY POINTS for Homemade Dog Food Diets

In general, for dogs stick to the macronutrients of 1/3 animal protein, 1/3 healthy carbohydrate ( ie sweet potato), 1/3 veggies ( ie kale or spinach), Fat in the form of Sunflower oil/Coconut oil, Fiber in the form of Ground Flax, plus a calcium supplement ( ground eggshell).

1. Focus on the Protein with balanced amino acid profiles (lean beef, chicken, turkey and egg)
2. The Carbohydrates are not necessary, but the ‘non’ grain carbs provide additional nutrients: Brown rice (fiber, protein, Calcium, Iron, Selenium and B vitamins), Sweet Potato ( Fiber, Protein, Vitamin A,C,E, Potassium and B vitamins), Potato (Potassium, Vitamin C, B vitamins)
3. Additional ‘balanced’ fat is necessary, a good Omega 6:3 balanced, nutritious fat I prefer is sunflower oil, but can also use Coconut oil.
4. Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement should be added in the form of Krill, Fish or Flax oil. Krill is the most nutrient dense and beneficial of all the products., with a great EPA/DHA fatty acid profile, contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin, and being high in Vitamin D.
5. Calcium is required as bones are not being consumed. I prefer Egg Shells : dried, roasted in the oven for 10 mins, then ground with a coffee grinder. You can also use OTC calcium carbonate.
6. Vitamins: Vitamin D is needed, but is in the egg yolks and red meat as well as being in high levels in the Krill or Fish oil. Vitamin E is in the Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil
7. Minerals: Iron is in the animal protein and spinach/kale, Zinc is in the red meat and flax seeds, Copper is in the spinach, Iodine is on the Egg Yolks, Potassium is in the Sweet Potato and Regular Potato
8. Fiber: the veggies, the brown rice and the best source in my opinion (also the healthiest) is the ground flax.

My Balanced Dog supplements

Krill oil supplement

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Feeder & Waterer Set for Pets

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Dan cocok banget untuk kalian yg sedang cari makanan kucing untuk semua umur.


LIFE SKILLS AT HOME: Taking Care of Pets

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Meet Paisley the golden retriever, Ms. Brenna’s dog! We’ll practice some pet care activities in today’s video with feeding, brushing, and playing with Paisley.
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Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches as Pets | Animal Care

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Hey guys!

Today I decided to do a video about my very favorite species of Cockroach, the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach.
Although they look large and imposing, they are exceptionally gentle when being handled, and wonderfully fascinating pets to keep and observe.

I hope you learn some new facts and pick up some pointers on their care. I will shortly be uploading a Cockroach Set Up video, where I give a full tutorial on how to set up a truly fabulous cockroach enclosure – and not in your regular, plastic container!

If you have any questions, suggestions or your own tips on how to care for cockroaches, please share in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe!

Do feel free to SHARE my video to spread love and care awareness for cockroaches!

xx Em

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I Rate Dog Food Kibble | Best and Worst Brands

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Reviewing popular dog kibble brands to find out which dog food is best for protein, ingredients and price.

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Thank you for watching my videos! This channel is dedicated to animal education and improving the lives of captive animals.
Here’s little about me!
My name is Meghan Arriola and I live in Texas with my husband Jaime, where I dedicate my time to taking care of exotic and domesticated animals on my farm. We run a rescue and sanctuary for animals like alpacas, birds and reptiles. I do animal education presentations for groups and schools. Our alpacas also do events where we are able to teach people about these unique animals. I have used service dogs for medical needs for over 10 years and I am an advocate for assistance animals and mental health awareness.
I am an animal educator that brings science related ideas to an audience from around the world by presenting fun and interesting topics in a family friendly way. Animals touch our lives in unique ways everyday as simply being our pets and companions, but how can we make their lives equally as special now that they live in captivity? My YouTube channel and blog explore ways to meet this goal by tackling things like animal behavior, human-animal relationships and veterinary medicine. Animal science is a great way to teach people of all ages that education is fun and nerdy is cool.
My previous animal related work experience includes working in veterinary clinics, private zoos, training horses and volunteer work in wildlife rehabilitation, rescue/foster/adoption programs and therapeutic horsemanship for children with disabilities.
When I am not working with animals, I am working at the health care clinic owned by my husband Jaime and I, where we provide services to low income, minority neighborhoods. We have been on the frontlines fighting covid19. I also have a passion for art and I am an award winning painter and photographer and published author. I am naturally very introverted but I am extroverted about sharing my passions and doing my part to make the world a better place!

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My daily PET CARE routine!! | 2019

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Hi there!! I’m Becca 🙂

I’m 21 years old and live in Australia. I’ve been taking care of animals since I was a very young girl and have dedicated my life to giving them a voice!

I have higher education in animal care, anatomy and behavior however all the information given in my videos is my opinion from my own research. Please remember I am not an expert and to use more than just this video for you animal knowledge needs 🙂

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Here’s my daily pet care routine! This is about an average day taking care of my pets!!

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

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This is my review of the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder. I have owned this for a few months now, and I hope this review helps to explain its functions and durability.
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Best To Worst Dog FOOD |Ranking Dog food brands |Premium dog food to Affordable dog food. (GENERAL)

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Hey Everyone,

Every day at work I get asked “What is the best dog food for my dog?” so today I wanted to bring you a video going through general ranking of dog food brands, and I will be ranking the best dog food in the industry to the worst dog food. This will be a general visualization of the most popular brands, and will lean on the question of what is the best food I can feed my dog. If you are interested in diving in to any one of these categories and have a break down by brand I can surely do that as well, just leave a comment down below.

Again I am NOT a VET, NUTRITIONIST OR Certified Dog trainer. This video has been my experience working in the pet food industry and through my own pets. Hope this helps at least one person 🙂

Peace XD


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I’m always in the kitchen making yummy meals for my family so why not feed my dogs as well. (Before you come at me… I would rather serve my dogs homemade dog food than canned dog food.) I also mix their wet food with their dry food once a day. I’m not telling you to make your own dog food but my dogs love it! Since I started mixing their food I’ve seen a improvement in eating habits and overall energy. ♥️

-2 packs of chicken gizzards and hearts.
-1 small package of stew meat
-2 chicken breast
-2 cups brown rice
-1 sweet potato
-5 carrots
-1 pack frozen peas
-4 tablespoons flax seeds
-2 tablespoons oregano
-2 tablespoons parsley
-2 tablespoons turmeric
-4.5 cups of water

Throw everything in your crockpot and no specific order. Cook on high for 4 to 6 hours. Once your food has cooled down I measure mine out into one and a half cup portions and place them into Ziploc bags. When the food is cold flat in the bags and put the food into your freezer. Every other day I will take out two bags and let them defrost in my refrigerator. I will then mix the homemade food with a cup of dog food.
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