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The 'Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience'

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The 'Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience'

Julie Reck, DVM, founder and owner of the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill, South Carolina, talks about the Healthy Pet Happy Pet experience that she implements in her veterinary practice.

Healthy Pet Happy Pet is her practice’s take on wellness care. How it works is that appointments are broken up into 2 parts: Healthy Pet appointments are medically-focused, and Happy Pet appointments are more wellness-focused. Clients pay for their Healthy Pet appointment, but then attend 3 Happy Pet appointments for free to learn all about grooming, nutrition, and training for their pets.

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KiwiPetz – 4CYTE For Healthy Pet Joints

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4CYTE Protects, Maintains And Promotes Healthy Joints In Cats, Dogs and Horses. Shop Online From Kiwipetz.

Healthy Dog Treats: top 5 low fat treats for dogs

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We want whats best for our dogs and we love giving them treats. There are plenty of healthy dog treats out there so join me as I go through some low fat treats for dogs.

Giving treats is a natural desire for every dog owner but treats can make a massive difference in making our pets overweight, fat and obese. Giving them healthy dog treats can make a massive difference. It can mean that we are still able to give our dogs treats, even when they are on a weight loss diet.

Healthy, low fat treats for dogs can definitely be tasty, after all treats should be things your dog enjoys eating. You can also sometimes give really large amounts of these without needing to worry you are overfeeding you dog, even if they are overweight or fat.

Different dogs like different things and there are many alternatives but to give you some variety, the best treats to feed your dog include:
1- commercial low fat treats: – be careful though, a lot include garlic or have high salt content
2 – fresh vegetables
3 – popcorn
4 – rice crackers
5 – their normal diet

Of course, your pet doesn’t have to be fat to feed them healthy low fat treats. Giving them to your healthy weight dog will help keep them that way and prevent obesity ever being a concern.

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download your free copy of my weight and diet calculator that lets you know how much your dog or cat should weigh, how much of their diet you should feed them and how many treats they can be given every day. This is fully customizable to your pets individual diet and whatever healthy, low fat treats (or high fat treats) you want to give them:

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In this video, we show how to make some healthy dog treats that are made with easy to find ingredients.

We became frustrated when two of our dogs died from cancer. We truly believe this was caused by the terrible ingredients found in many of the dog foods that are on the market today. We decided to take matters into our own hands and only feed our pets the best food available. Since we were having a hard time finding healthy pet treats, we decided to make those ourselves.

This recipe only requires 3 ingredients since we plan to freeze dry the treats. For people without a freeze dryer, flour can easily be added to create a dough that can be baked in the oven instead of freeze dried.

For the freeze dried version, you only need:
1lb Beef Liver
1 Large Pumpkin
1 cup Beef Broth

Boil the liver until fully cooked. Chop into small pieces. Mix the liver with the can of pumpkin. Add the cup of broth and mix thoroughly. Spoon this mixture into silicone molds. Place the molds into freezer until completely frozen. Pop the treats out of the molds and place onto freeze dryer trays. Freeze dry until completely dry. Store the dried treats in mylar bags along with oxygen absorbers.
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