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Hey guys!

I have had a couple of questions over the last few weeks on SKUNK CARE, so my gorgeous little buddy and colleague, WHIFFY has come home from work with me for a few nights so that I can do a few video demonstrations on how to care for skunks, with videos of how to clip skunks nails (coming in another video – hence the long nails!), how to tame your skunk and how to feed your skunk.

I should specify that this video demonstrates what Whiffy eats in ONE single day. As he is quite a tubby skunk (skunks are prone to obesity) he doesn’t get any added meat in his diet, but you can feel free to fed your growing skunks some chopped mouse or chick.

Commercially available skunk foods are available on the market, much like dog foods, but I still believe that natural foods are best in order to have a happy, healthy skunk with a great diet.

Also, this is a BASE diet. You should take into account that all skunks are different and may require more or less of certain foods at different stages of their life. Please consult with your nearest skunk breeder or exotic veterinarian if you think your skunk requires extra special dietary care.

If you have any questions, suggestions or your own tips on how to care for pet skunks, please do share in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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xx Em

Featured Diet:
Half a bell pepper/sweet pepper (with seeds)
A whole head of broccoli
Atuarki Dog Biscuits
Green Beans
Shaved Almonds (small amount only!!)
Sugar Snaps
Vionate Vitamin Powder.
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