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Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe Vet Approved

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe Vet Approved – Earth Diet from Dr. Judy Morgan’s book Yin & Yang Nutrition For Dogs
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HOMEMADE FOOD for Dogs – Healthy food

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A dog needs a protein rich diet, but this isn’t all they need for a balanced diet. Carbohydrates found in grains like rice give them the energy they need and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. Like humans, if your dog is overweight, then feeding them vegetable meals can help them to lose some weight while still maintaining their health. Dogs are omnivores, but this doesn’t mean all vegetables good for humans will be healthy for our dog, so follow our recipe for homemade dog food and don’t improvise if you want a healthy dog.

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I have made a few dog food videos. This time we make it healthy, but, low cost.
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Reinforcing Healthy Dog Behaviors | Dog: Impossible

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Reinforcing Healthy Dog Behaviors | Dog: Impossible

Matt Beisner meets high-stress Monkey and teaches his family how to reward healthy dog behaviors.
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Reinforcing Healthy Dog Behaviors | Dog: Impossible

Nat Geo Wild
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Turkey and Vegetable Dog Food Recipe (Simple and Healthy)

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Turkey and Vegetable Dog Food Recipe (Simple and Healthy)

Homemade dog food is a wonderful alternative to commercial diets and this turkey and vegetable homemade dog food recipe is a great way to start. You can cater the meals to your dog’s individual needs, and you can use the healthiest ingredients available. This recipe uses turkey, vegetables, rosemary and other safe and healthy ingredients that will benefit your dog.

Find the detailed recipe here:

“As you’ll see in my video guide, I used frozen vegetables. I often hear dog owners say that making homemade food is too time consuming. There are lots of ways to cut back on the prep time, and using frozen vegetables is a great way to reduce the time spent chopping ingredients.”

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Ollie Unboxing: Healthy Dog Food Delivered

Real, human-grade dog food delivered. Find out what comes in a box of Ollie with the help of Nemo, the Boston Terrier!

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A Virginia woman’s dying wish to have her healthy dog euthanized, so it could be buried with her when she died, is stirring up controversy.
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Hey guys! In today’s video I walk y’all through how I make my homemade dog food for my four dogs! I do not strictly feed my dogs this homemade recipe, but use it as a topper for their kibble in order to increase their interest in their food and make sure I am meeting their nutritional needs! I encourage you all to spice up your dogs kibble with this recipe, your dog will thank you for it!

I got this recipe from @LoveLexyNicole and tweaked it a bit to fit my dogs needs. Check out her video here:

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How To Program your PetSafeĀ® Healthy Pet Simply Feedā„¢

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Learn how to program your PetSafeĀ® Healthy Pet Simply Feedā„¢. This video shows you how to program your feeder after a power loss, or after new batteries are installed. When new batteries are installed, your feeder will enter setup mode. With a little programming, your feeder will be ready for your pet’s next meal.

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The Healthy Pet

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Our goal is to provide you and your dog or cat with natural, safe and healthy pet supplies – products that will enhance your pet’s health. We sell an excellent selection of premium foods, nutritional supplements, natural grooming supplies, books, safe and fun toys, non-toxic flea control products, and lots of other supplies.

Healthy Pets

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Dr. Karen Becker explains the goal of Mercola Healthy Pets to educate pet parents on the best natural treatments for your pet.

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Dog Food – Homemade Healthy – Puppy Food

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*Here’s the updated, better video of how to make homemade dog food, healthy, inexpensive:

*New dog treat recipe, super easy (3 ingredients):

You are exactly what you eat. The saying applies to all living creatures. Here’s how to make inexpensive, high nutritional value dog and puppy food at home. It turns out to be cheaper and healthier than factory feed from some anonymous, unsanitary pellet mill. Love your dog, treat them right, give their bodies the tools to prevent/fight cancer and other health problems. *Be sure to consult with a veterinarian for optimal nutritional recommendations for each breed, size, and age group.*
Approximate recipe proportions: 30% meat/offal, 30% vegetables, 30% beans/rice, 10% supplements (eggshells, kelp/seaweed, oils-flaxseed-fish).
*Cat lovers can also make healthy homemade cat food using the same recipe with a few things to note: use similar proportions but select ingredients with higher levels of taurine (shellfish, dark turkey meat, etc.), vitamin A (liver, fish, carrots, broccoli, squash), and arachidonic acid (chicken, cooked chicken eggs, etc.), raw quail eggs do not contain the same risks as chicken eggs and have high nutritional value. Avoid the “bad for dogs” ingredients listed below as well as no dairy, cheese, or yeast products. Not too much tuna as mercury levels may be too high for the small creature to process. Cats should eat between 2% (for inactive, fatter cats) and 4% (for active, younger cats) of total body weight.
Good for dogs:
Lean Meats, cooked: pork, chicken, beef, deer/venison, buffalo, elk, turkey, lamb, *fish (no skins), crocodile, grasshoppers/crickets, kangaroo, emu, ostrich- protein vitamins&minerals (V&M)
Offal: liver, kidney, bull/sheep testicles (taurine), heart, intestine, blood meal, etc. high in protein, V&M
Vegetables: pumpkin/squash/cauliflower- good for digestion, diarrhea, constipation; broccoli- stems only, florets can cause gastric irritation; spinach- *limit*, A,B,C,K, iron, antioxidants but Ā high in oxalic acid blocks calcium, causes kidney prob; ginger- good for stomach, anti-oxidant/inflammatory, circulation; cabbage- good for skin, digestion, cancer-fighting; berries/beets/sweet potato- good but*limit* due to sugars
Ginger-fresh, grated. Turmeric-fresh, grated.
Beans: pinto, soy, kidney, garbanzo, black, green
Grains: rice, oats, alfalfa, rye, wheat, etc.
Kelp/Seaweed: 60V&M, 21 amino acids- good for thyroid.
Eggs/Shells Chicken/Quail: protein, riboflavin, selenium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, strontium.
Oils: Flaxseed, Fish- good for heart, skin, anti-cancer.
Bad for dogs:
Chocolate- theobromine, can’t digest.
Raisins, grapes, persimmons, plums, avocado- bad.
Raw chicken eggs or meat- same danger as with humans (raw quail eggs are not bad, no risk).
Raw fish: avoid, can have parasites/worms.
*Garlic: new research shows that around 1 clove per day for every 25 lbs.(11.5kg) of dog is healthy, too much is bad (destroys red blood cells= anemia).
Onion: bad, avoid.
Caffeine and Alcohol- coffee, tea= bad.
Macadamia, certain nuts: bad. Peanuts usually OK.
Salt: necessary, but in excess is bad.
Fatty foods- bacon/fats bad in excess.
Xylitol a.k.a. “Birch Sugar”: found in candy, gum, some peanut butters, avoid.
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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Dr. Michel Selmer demonstrates how to prepare your pet a healthy home-cooked meal.

Featured Interviews: Dr. Michel Selmer, The Caring Vet

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